October 10, 2008

10/10/08 First Snow in UB

The view out my window of my first snow in UB

Well, you know winter is fast approaching when you see the first snowfall. It's been a little chilly lately, a for sure sign the seasons are changing, but it's hard to ignore the 'white stuff'. It snowed all day but most of it didn't stick here in the city. But the surrounding mountains are many shades of white now. Cool.

You can see snow in the mountains
A few days a week, I teach kids English in this ger

My new favorite restaurant is Luna Blanca, a vegetarian restaurant just down the street. It is a nice place, the people friendly and the prices more in my budget. Besides, the first time I as there, a family was sitting at the next table. They had a little girl just barely walking and talking. When she saw me, she started saying 'grandfather'. Even when the family got up to leave, they didn't even get out the door before the little girl asked to be taken back in so she could say goodbye to 'grandfather.' A good omen, I think.

And now for something completely different. For years I've been an avid reader of a zine (a small circulation, non-commercial publication) called the Moonlight Chronicles which is a hand-drawn journal of Dan Price. I have taken one of his zines on almost all my trips as something to read but also to inspire. Usually he publishes about three issues a year. Well, in an order to do less damage to the environment, with the help of Simple Shoes he is now publishing them online totally free (but you can still order a paper copy if you want a hard copy in your hands). And with this new format, Dan has even added color to his drawings making the journals even more awesome. So, check his blog and read his journals at MoonlightChroniclesBlog.blogspot.com