August 29, 2008

Be a 'PEACE' Activist

Every morning, I check the news headlines. Most of the time that is as far as I go. My interest is to know what is going on both here at home in the world abroad. But for the me, it's like looking up at the clouds in the sky. It tells me if there are storms headed my way, but ultimately the only thing I can change is ME. I do what I can financially to help those less fortunate, I vote, and I recycle but for the most part, I limit my circle of 'action' to that which touches me directly, my family and friends and those I come into contact at any given moment. Others have much bigger canvases in which to paint, but I'm happy with this little sketch book called my blog.

Even though I'm busy preparing to leave for Mongolia, I have come across several websites that are so simple but so powerful because of it, that I had to share. Both have to do with PEACE. And on any given day, looking at those news headlines, you might agree with me that we definitely need more PEACE in the world. And I use 'activist' in the title because PEACE is an activity, both in body and spirit. And even if it only affects you yourself, it makes the world just a little bit better. Now times that by a hundred, a thousand, a million or a billion. Definitely something to put on your priority list!

Do No Harm is a website that promotes peace by asking everyone to 'Do no harm.' To quote the website "We believe that the first and most basic moral law is, "Do no harm." Because we can feel pain and suffering, we can imagine the pain and suffering of others, and we can act accordingly to minimize the harm we cause." All they ask is that people spread the message 'Do No Harm.' The hope is that it will at least get people thinking. And isn't that what causes so much pain in the world, people not thinking. They have a bumper sticker and a bracelet to give you and can help you spread more to others. All for free. They do no fund raising, no lengthy sermons, no one on the speaker circuit. Like I said, so simple yet so powerful a message. Check them out at and Do No Harm!

Alex Cequea picks a busy area of town and sits down to mediate with a sign reading "World Peace begins with Inner Peace" or "Don't Hate - Mediate." No speeches, no soap box, no ideology or politics. Just a man sitting trying to share some of his inner joy. He started the Public Meditation Project which is a social and spiritual movement dedicated to bridging the gaps between inner peace and world peace. It's sustainability from the inside. We encourage everyone to publicly display their inner peace and use collective action to effectively influence change. We're creating a better world, and we're doing from the inside out." In our hustle-bustle world, there are quite a few places to help bring a message of inner peace. Alex's blog is at

Also, an event that is coming up is Chalk4Peace. Happening the 14th to the 21st of September, Chalk4Peace is a 'hands on' type of art event for peaceniks of all ages. More information can be found at

And on the 21st of September, the world will celebrate Peace Day. Check out for more information.