August 9, 2008

8/9/08 Halifax, NS


It seemed only fitting that since we started in the rain in Vancouver, our last day should also start with the rain. So one last time of packing up a wet tent.

There was a truck stop dinner across from the campground. So, no sense starting the day on an empty stomach. I think we both imagined the rain would taper off while we were eating but it just didn't happen. As if it could be any other way. Ha!

In rain gear for the last morning

I think we had ridden a couple hours when we got lost. For some reason, Hwy-2 disappears just before we got to Truro. On the upside, the sun came out. No more need for rain gear. Yippie!

Finally, a quick run into a gas station got us back on track. The route was mostly rolling but I just didn't seem to have the energy to climb these little hills.

We were looking for a place for lunch when we spotted Yves bike. It was good to see him again but his leg was bloodied. He had just crashed just a few kilometers back when his front wheel got caught in a railroad crossing. Ouch! That had to hurt. He asked if he could join us as we rode into the city and we said "Of course!"

Traffic seemed to be pretty heavy for a weekend. And as much as I loved the sun, I think I was getting burned. But like a horse heading for the barn, I seemed to get new found energy the closer we came.

And suddenly Mike say's "Turn here!" and we came to Mount Vincent College, our hostel. The street went straight up but it was the last of our 7000km trip. While Mike checked us in, I sat outside and realized I didn't need to ride the bike anymore. Finished. We're here.

We're DONE!!!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view point) we arrived five days before our flights home. So we'll play tourists for a few days. That could be fun.

My trusty steed, ready for pasture