August 8, 2008

8/8/08 Derbert, NS


I think it was a cruel joke played on us by Mother Nature this morning - the sun was shinning bright as day on our tents at sun rise. But the rest of the sky was covered with a thick blanket of clouds. As we always do, we packed and dressed for rain as we set out.

Our route today was to take Hwy-2, which is a secondary road in Nova Scotia, all the way to Truro. At first it was all climbing, one hill after another. It didn't take too long for Mike and I to be sweating profusely in our rain gear. But a look at the sky showed us the skies clearing so we stripped down to our regular bike clothes.

But the climbing was still pretty hard for me. As we entered Springhill, I groaned aloud when I saw that it was built on top of a steep hill. I had to stop at the bottom just to gather my reserve just to attempt it. I made it but really wasn't feeling all that great. We looked for a sit-down breakfast but gave up looking and stopped at Tim Hortons, again. Even there I just couldn't eat much, let alone all the danish and donuts I used to. As we left I marveled at the blue sky above us. I forgot what it was like. We even had to put on sunscreen and get out the sunglasses.

Near Southhampton we met Ray and Lydia, another cross-country cycling couple from Vancouver. Their website is called '4 to Halifax'. We had thought to catch up with them in Parrsboro for lunch but we couldn't find where they went to eat. So we ate at Pot Bellies Take Out.

Lydia & Ray

Our route now followed the coastline east but it's so covered with trees and away from the water that we never really got to see much of the Bay of Fundy. What we did see was a lot of road construction. Again I was still struggling with the ride so Mike would ride ahead and then wait for me to catch up. Near Five Islands we decided to try and push on towards Truro.

Beautiful day but getting cloudy

But as we rode east against strong headwinds, the skies returned to their normal color of grey with dark rain clouds mixed in. As it got cooler, I felt a little better riding. Could it be that I was having trouble with the sunshine that we haven't seen in a while?

Now this looks familiar

Turns out the Elm River Park is about 20km 'before' you reach Truro so our day just got a little shorter. We checked in and like normal, it started to rain. And there is a Busker Festival,and the Little League Baseball Championships in Halifax this weekend so everything is is booked. Mike found us an apartment like room for $90. Guess that will have to do. Add that to my $800 plane ticket back home and I find myself way, way over budget for this trip. Mike and I just are not that lucky this trip, are we!

Trying to relax and finish off what's in my food bag. I sure don't want to carry some of that stuff any more! [laugh]

I can't believe we'll be finished tomorrow. Wow!