August 7, 2008

8/7/08 Amherst, Nova Scotia


Mike swore he could see stars in the middle of the night but you wouldn't have thought it possible with the clouds we woke up to. We both slept in a bit because it was pretty cold. The tents had plenty of dew on them to make up for a rain-less night.

Our route was to take Hwy-2 which is a divide interstate highway here. Traffic was moderate and we had a huge shoulder. There still was a lot of climbing but it was gradual. I still had all my rain gear on, not for rain but for the cold.


We met another cyclist today. Yves is from Quebec and also biked from Vancouver. He had a racing bike with skinny tires and not much gear so I think he must have been motelling it. But that's okay. We took his picture and later he filmed us go by.

Yves from a small town outside of Quebec

This stretch of Hwy-2 is long, some 70-km with no towns, no services and only one exit. But we didn't make it to the end before the rain started coming down.

Surprisingly when we reached Salisbury the rain stopped long enough for us to get some lunch. But then as we were between there and Moncton it started up again. By the time we reached downtown it was pouring really hard. Which is bad enough on a bike, but in downtown traffic is pretty dangerous. In Dieppe, we had to stop and wait out some of the hardest rain at a gas station. But like summer rains, it eventually moved on.

There were several routes we could take to Nova Scotia but with the bad weather, the scenic routes just didn't have much appeal so we went back to Hwy-2. There was even a share the road with bikes sign along the way but I can't believe many people would be caught on this highway.

As I looked at half a dozen storms all around us, I could only think of being in the middle of a pinball game with danger everywhere and you just didn't know which way it was all going to go.

We made it into Nova Scotia and took another rain break at the visitor center. The rain tapered off so we headed into Amherst where we found the Loch Lomond Camp Grounds. Nice place and the best Wifi of the trip. When they checked us in, we finally heard someone tell us the truth for a change "It's supposed to rain into next week."

Our 8th and final provence

Believe it or not, we are less than 300kms from Halifax and should finish in two days. Amazing but I'm sure both Mike and I will be glad to be out of the rain. We're both tired of wet smelly clothes and neither of us has any interest in camp food. So, looks like more rain for our last days in Canada. Fitting, since we started out in the rain almost two months ago in Vancouver.

Mike 'wired' to the net