August 7, 2008

8/6/08 Coles Island, NB


It's a miracle! The tents are dry two nights in a row. Are we about to set a record! But as I look up into the morning shy, again I see blankets of clouds just like our other days of rain. So today isn't looking promising.

Rush hour traffic was much busier than I would expect on these country roads. And not everyone was going to Frederiction. It seemed just as many cars and trucks were heading the other way too. So we had to be more defensive, ending up in the gravel a few more times.

That's when I spotted a rails-to-trail running parallel. When I suggested to Mike that we get off this busy road, he didn't hesitate. It was so nice. We must have ridden seven or eight kilometers into the north side of the city where we crossed the St John River.

Downtown Fredericton was pretty nice, with a lot of the old brick buildings still in use as stores. We made a quick stop at the bike shop before heading to Cora's for breakfast. I think this restaurant had to be the healthiest we've ever eaten at, what with it's heaps of fruit on every dish on the menu. Kind of stuffed as we waddled back out to the bikes. Still, overcast and grey. Bummer.

Cool old buildings

We jumped back onto the rails-to-trail going another seven or eight kilometers out of the city. I think a lot of people support these rails-to-trail here because they can also use the trails for snow mobiles in the winter.

Now on the other side of the river, we followed Hwy-102 which had a lot of ups and downs. I can't really tell you much about the ride. We actually went pretty fast despite the hills. With the overcast skies, it was also a lot cooler.

A great mirror reflection of the clouds

We were going to cross the river yet again on Hwy-2, the big new interstate but a lade at the gas station said bikes weren't allowed. They suggested we go down to Gagetown and use the ferry. It was a good idea and we were able to get some lunch before crossing.

Crossing on the ferry

We took a short cut (read "up and over instead of around") to get to Hwy-715. Even though it was a lot of climbing, we probably cut a lot of mileage off. Somewhere before Cambridge Narrows it rained hard enough to make us get out our raingear. But as soon as we stopped again for a snack, it stopped.

For maybe ten minutes it was a nice ride. Mike got ahead of me on one of the steep climbs. As I tried to catch up, the black clouds rolled in. I never even got a chance to put on my rain jacket before I was totally soaked. Rode into and out of the storm several times before I hit dry pavement.

We're riding into that

We're camped at the TNT Campground which is about six kilometers off route. Tomorrow we get on Hwy-2, a busy interstate that is so new there isn't even an exit for fifty kilometers.

PS We passed the 4000-mile mark today!