August 5, 2008

8/5/08 Mactaquac, NB


Miracle! No rain last night, so the tent is dry. Yippie. But I'm afraid the sky is still blanketed with rain clouds as we left the campground.

We followed Hwy-105 all day. At first it was mostly flat but as the day went, we had some long steep climbs. I just hate those hills with false summits. You know the ones you huff and puff to reach the top only to find you still have more to climb.

World's longest covered bridge

All the way south there were a lot of vacation homes and a few big healthy farms. But mixed in were a lot of small farms that were definitely struggling. We saw run down mobile homes, abandoned cars and lots of dogs. Where Quebec was dominated by Catholic churches, this area seemed to be all Baptist.

It was a long morning but we found a place to eat just past Nackawic. The river widens out to be a pretty nice lake and we saw a lot more high priced lake homes along the waterfront.

The clouds fought to keep the sun out but it did poke through from time to time. But never long enough to need my sunglasses. It rained on us a few times and other times we rode on wet pavement were it just missed us.

By the time we reached the Mactaque Provincial Park I was exhausted. I had to laugh as it was sprinkling as we registered. I just sat down behind the registration building and waited for the clouds to pass.

The view of the clouds from our campsite

We're about the only people in our tenting area. But we're close to the bathroom/showers and the store/laundry. There's even a snack bar and free Wifi. So, even though they didn't give cyclist any special discount, not a bad campground.