August 4, 2008

8/4/08 Muniac, NB


I heard that Eskimos have 92 words to describe snow. I wish I had more words to tell you about the rain. Oh, well, here's all I have.

It rained most of the night and into the morning. Mike and I waited in our tents for it to stop or at least let up a bit. When it didn't, we packed up with the rain still coming down. As we left, a lot of the campsites in the park were submerged in standing water.

It continued to rain as we rode through Edmundston. We stopped at Tim Horton's (Thank goodness for good ol' Timmy's) and watched the rain continue from inside. One guy said they already broke records for snowfall this winter and now rainfall for year. Eventually we suited up and stepped back out into the rain.

Just as we reached the outskirts of the city, the rain finally stopped. It was our good luck that Mike's rear tire blew at that moment, with a gas station nearby. He fixed it up but is a little nervous because now he has no spare inner tube and mine won't work on his wheels.

We followed Hwy-144 which runs along the St John River. Strange to think that across those waters is the state of Maine. there was hardly any traffic and the road was relatively flat. Mostly we had to contend with stiff crosswinds.

Over the water is the good ol' USA

We were told it's "New Brunswick Day" and is a provence holiday, even the Walmart is closed. Maybe that explains why every small town seems like a ghost town, I mean no people or activity at all. Or maybe the weather is keeping everyone in. Who knows?

The St John River was pretty swollen with brown water, probably because of all the rain lately. So it was no surprise that the Grand Falls was a huge chocolate-brown torrent from hell. Impressive.

Grand Falls

After eating (I just love the frosted mugs at A&W) we switched to Hwy-105 which is on the other side of the river now that it runs in New Brunswick. There were a lot more hills and the road needed a major overhaul. We could see a bit more poverty here than we saw in other provences.

None of our guidebooks had any campgrounds listed, so when we stopped at Tilley's Take Out (in Tilley) we asked. The folks who run the food stand were so friendly and other customers said their portions are huge! I would have liked to chat but more rain was threatening and I was anxious to get to our campsite, so we pushed on.

Lots of churches but few towns

The Muniac Municipal Campground is empty except for one guy who is working in the area. The ladies who run the campground said they had a big festival concert rained out this weekend. There still is a lot of standing water so they just said camp where ever we can that's dry. So, we're set up under the pavilions. Maybe the tents will dry out tonight. [smile]

Trying to dry my tent out