August 3, 2008

8/3/08 Edmunston, New Brunswick


It started raining last night at 8pm and continued to about 5am. When I woke up, I started to fantasize about taking the day off, laying about the common room surfing the net and maybe renting a movie. But the big thing I would do is to make a big pot of home made spaghetti. Mmm. Then I was snapped out of my reverie when I heard the snap of Mike's tent poles which meant he was finished packing and I was still in my sleeping bag.

All the cyclists posed for a group photo before Mike, Roland and I headed off in search of breakfast. Diter was going to continue on towards Gaspe and I think the girls were going to do a short day. I think Roland was heading to Edmunston too but might stay in a motel. He told us to go on ahead as he didn't want to hold us back. Stay safe out there Roland.

Almost immediately the rain started to come down. Which was bad because there was only one option out of town for cyclists and that was a rail-to-trail. With all the rain we had last night, I would have thought the trail would be a mess but it was passable. On a clear day you could tell it would have been a great place to ride.

The trail is called the 'parc lineaire interprovincial petit-temis' and is about 135km from Riviere-du-Loup to Edmunston. Eventually we got off the trail past Chamard Lake and tried our luck on Hwy-185.

The highway had a lot of climbing which was made worse by the almost torrential downpour we were riding through. I was so, so tired of the rain. It must have poured on us for four or five hours. I was ready to call it quits and get a motel room in the next town. The only thing that boosted my spirits was I could see bright green landscapes ahead which meant we hopefully were riding into sunshine.

As the rain let up finally, we were lucky to find something to eat in Cabano. It was funny, every time my jacket was almost dry, it would rain hard for few minutes. Eventually it really looked like it was going to clear up but I still refused to take off my raingear.

Just past Notre-Dame-du-Lac we could see the highway had a huge long climb, so we turned off to try the trail again. Without the rain, it was a great trail which followed the shoreline of Lake Temiscouata. Very nice.

Lake Temiscouata

After Degelis, the trail paralleled the highway but we decided it still was preferable to the trucks. And finally, we crossed into New Brunswick. It still is amazing that we came into Quebec on a bike path and left on one.

A nice bike trail

We were almost into town when we pulled into the provincial park 'de la Republique'. New Brunswick parks Rock! For the two of us it was only $9 and they had a specific area only for cyclists. And it was a nice spot too, with ten campsites.

A great biker campsite

We tried to get our stuff sorted out to dry but the sun still couldn't break through the clouds. Not only were we in our seventh provence, but a new time-zone too. Plus we passed 6000kms today.

Another provence

Mike and I talked about the rest of the trip. A few days ago his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He's been on the phone every night talking with his family. They want him to finish the trip but he wants to be back to help. So, we might just head straight to Halifax instead of touring more of Nova Scotia. We'll see. My thoughts go out to Mike's family.