August 2, 2008

8/2/08 Riviere-du-Loup, QC


Rained on-and-off all night. And it was pretty cool out too. Sure glad I have my fleece jacket (haven't used it in weeks).

The first town we came to was Saint-Jean-Port-Joli which tries to bill itself as the woodcarver/sculpture capital of the world. Saw lots of carved tree trunks but what caught my eyes was a restaurant serving breakfast. Who should we see inside but Roland. It was great to see him again. I think the last time we saw him was still in Manitoba. He's headed to the same hostel we are tonight, so we can catch up then.

Outside a motorcycle shop

No rain today but very misty, so no views of the river or the countryside. And the headwinds were still pretty stiff. We met another cyclist, Diter from Germany in the next town and he rode with us most of the day.

These yellows were bright despite the gray skies

Not much to report other than the wind. It's not that it's bad, but the headwinds do have a psychological effect on how you feel when you ride.

Traffic was real light for a Saturday which was nice because several large sections of the route didn't have a shoulder.

Diter & Mike speeding up ahead

We decided to stop for lunch in Kamouraska. Already there was Roland but also another pair of cross-country cyclists, Erica and Mary Anne. Their website is It's so cool to meet so many cyclists in one day.

Erica & Mary Anne

Saw more religious shrines along the roadside but what do you expect going through cities called Saint-Jean, Saint-Roch, Saint-Denis, Saint-Andre and Saint Patrice.

Just in front of the fields

Today is the last time we'll see (or rather be near) the St Lawrence River. I wonder how different the ride will be then.

After a long afternoon of pushing against the wind, I arrived at the Hostel International. But Mike was there. He had ridden ahead miles ago so I expected him there. Just when I was beginning to get worried he rode up. Seems a local had tried to give him directions in French and he was totally lost.

Sharing a meal at the hostel

Even though it's a hostel we're camping out back (it's cheaper but we still get to use everything in the hostel). The only bummer is it's raining again.