August 14, 2008

8/14/08 Kansas City MO USA

Well, spent the last few days relaxing in Halifax. Mike and I shopped a bit at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) and walked the waterfront several days enjoying the Busker Festival. But the weather changed so frequently from rain to sun to rain again, you had to bring along both your sun glasses and rain jacket.

The docks in Halifax

When we weren't playing tourist (which I do quite badly), mostly we watched the Olympics on TV or surfed the net. When we didn't cook in our suite, we ate at a nearby restaurant called "Jim's". I thought about going for a run, but the Mount St Vincent campus is built on a steep hill and our residence hall is near the top. Even walking up and down to the main road was a chore so I decided against the run.

More cool buildings downtown

Mike says his dad is doing fair but he'll know better once he gets to Sacramento where his parents live. Again, please keep Mike and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our final day was kind of crazy. Our airport pick up at 4am didn't show, so we had to keep calling to get a ride. Mike made his 6am flight but then it was delayed almost an hour (which will probably make him miss his connecting flight). My flight didn't leave until 8am so I surfed the net for a while but mostly relaxed listening to my iPod.

I imagine I'll be pretty busy once I get home. My flight to Mongolia leaves in three weeks (September 3rd). Besides seeing everyone for a last visit, I have plenty of small things to do before I go. It's amazing how much you have to take care of when you're going to be gone a year. And if I can, I might even work a bit for my brother Tom to offset going way over budget on this Canada trip.

Things I need to shop for: a mouse fo the laptop, a pocket hard drive and maybe a new camera. I have to get my car inspected and liscensed before I put it in storage. And I'd love to get in a few yoga sessions while I'm at home too. After reading a few of the Peace Corps blogs, I want to sample all my favorite foods and restaurants before I go too.

My flight out of Halifax was late leaving too. But they have US Customs at the airport, so I don't need to worry about customs when I land in the US. I sat next to Heather whose daughter-in-law is an ESL teacher. It's also a good thing I met Heather as I was totally lost in Boston's airport and she got us to our gates in plenty of time. I think our 3am wake up call was starting to catch up with me as I fell asleep on the flight to Chicago.

For long-time readers of my journals, they know I usually come up with other ideas for future adventures ont these trips. Most are just concepts but you never know which ones might become reality. One idea I had was to buy a Vespa in Italy and tour Europe with it. Another is to spend a long summer through harvest working on organic farms in France and maybe spend the following year working on the gardens at Nalanda Monastery outside of Toulouse. You just never know what the future will bring.

I had to chuckle as I landed in Kansas City. It was cool and raining, not really normal for August in KC. Guess I brought the rain with me. Wonder if it was the same for Mike in Sacramento. Officially the trip is over and now all my energies will be spent getting ready for my year of volunteer teaching in Mongolia which starts in less than three weeks. But before I leave Canada behind, I thought I'd check on a few of the folks I met along the way:

Joseph, who is walking across Canada (see 7/8/08) is now somewhere in Ontario, still walking and sounds as if it's going well. Check out for more info.
Roland, who we first met in Manitoba and then again in Quebec, should finish in Halifax by August 20th. You can catch up with his journal at
Erica and Mary Anne who we met in Riviere-du-Loup are in Frederiction NB so should be done soon. Erica's website is
According to runners Matt and Stephanie's website they are somewhere around Woodstock Ontario.