August 10, 2008

8/10/08 Halifax, NS

It's such a weird thing being done with a cross-country trip like this one across Canada. We're staying in an apartment at Mount St Vincent College who rent out the dorms as a hostel in the summer. And we have a full kitchen to actually do some cooking. So we went grocery shopping which is a lot harder than you think because we just were not used to the choices other than 'instant' stuff. Kind of sensory overload.

It was still a bit overcast when we eventually made our way downtown. On our agenda was talk to the Visitor Center, a trip to Mountain Equipment Coop and go by Ideal Bikes to look for bike boxes. MEC was closed and the visitor center didn't have any bus route maps. But Ideal had one bike box but gave us directions to another shop to check tomorrow. We need to boxes to pack up our bikes to load onto the plane.

Cool guys at this shop

By the time we finished that, the sun had come out and that meant it was going to be a grand day on the waterfront. Which is great because this week is the Halifax International Busker Festival.

As you can imagine, it was pretty crowded for a Sunday but we walked the gauntlet anyway. It was pretty hard to get close enough to see any of the performances, at least today. The funny thing is that when we finished the New Zealand trip in Christchurch (2006), they were having their International Busker Festival.

Lots of folks on the waterfront for the festival

Me, I just prefer the quiet of the lighthouses

We've washed all our clothes, twice. And starting to think about how to pack it all up to take home. I've tried to give up all the sweet things I was eating and drinking during the bike trip (for energy) and get back to healthy food. Other than updating the blog, watching a lot of the Olympics.