February 9, 2008

Jim turns 50!!!

Oh my, it has to be a typo! I can't be 50! Can I? That's what it says on my birth certificate, but then again, my eyes are not what they used to be. [laugh]

So, what to do to celebrate. Well, let's run a race! How about the Psychopathic 5k, one of the toughest 5k trail races in the midwest. The Fire version is run in July while the race now is the Ice version.

Joining me on this quest is Jason, a coworker from my days at Baptist Medical Center. Kansas City had just had a snow a few days earlier but a lot has melted. I imagine it will be a cold muddy run. We got to the race early and I was surprised to find I know another runner, Frank, whose house I worked on a couple of weeks ago. He was running in the 10-mile race.

Trying to stay warm before the race

I didn't really know what to expect, but it was a lot harder than I imagined. Most of the trail was still covered with snow because of the trees. I think there were three stream crossings and three nasty hills. Our course was out and back, so that meant we had to go back over those same three hills on the way back. [frown]

Still going strong

Out of about a hundred runners in the 5k, Jason came in 8th overall and 2nd in his age group. And even though I finished in the middle of the pack, I came in 2nd in my new age category, the 50 to 59 group. Yippie!

My next race should be the Trolley Run in late April.