July 9, 2008

7/9/08 Kakabeka Falls, ON


I can't believe we've been on the road for a month now, with only two days off. We are still planning on finishing before August 23rd in Halifax. If for some reason we get there early, we'll see a bit more of Nova Scotia. Northern Ontario is supposed to be very beautiful but also notorious for it's mosquitoes and black flies.

From the sound of the wind in the trees, you would have thought we were in a hurricane. As it was, it rained all night. But as I woke up and found a dozen mosquitoes sitting outside the tent above my head, I thanked the heavens for the person who invented mosquito netting. You can imagine, that Packing is doubly hard when battling mosquitoes and rain together.

I admit I didn't relish the though of riding all day in the rain. Especially with no shoulder and lots of truck traffic. But after an hour on the road, we finally hit dry pavement.

A little more up and down

Even with the clouds threatening more rain, we were able to make pretty good time because of a tailwind. It was also a lot cooler today, lower temperatures than we've been used to lately.

Instead of going all the way to Thunder Bay, we stopped at Kakabeka Falls, about 30km outside the city. The Falls are 40m/132ft high and pretty impressive to me. And the sound, wow!

Kakabeka Falls

Also in camp tonight are a group of paddlers celebrating Richard Thompson's exploration of Canada. They're using six-person canoes that are four feet wide. They started May 10th and will finish in Thunder Bay in a couple of days. I had a nice chat with Gail who is on one of the smaller crews. Their website is 2008ThompsonBrigade.com

Mike and I are adjusting to the infamous mosquitoes of Ontario (the unofficial Canadian Air Force). Mike tried out his head-net tonight but I've been reluctant to use my bug spray unless absolutely necessary. And here, we've already been visited by the tent-site chipmunk. Guess I'll be sleeping with my food bag tonight.

Mike's head-net keeping the mozzies at bay

I felt pretty good riding today but felt drained once we got set up in the campsite. This despite a relatively short day with a tailwind no less. What insane idea it was to think I'd have enough energy to run a few times a week on this trip (I brought running shoes which I've only worn once but continue to carry).

Even though we had a few more breaks in the clouds this afternoon in camp, tomorrow they are calling for thunderstorms. Yippie!!! More rain!

Later in the evening I decided to drop in on the canoeist camp. I'm so glad I did. I ended up sitting down to a campfire dinner with the Paddle Canada 1 Crew. What wonderful people. They seemed just as interested in my travels as I was in there's. Some were a little sad as the trip is over for them at Thunder Bay but it sounds as if they have a lifetime of good memories to remember. The crew's blog is paddlecanada1.blogspot.com

Some of the Paddle Canada 1 Crew

And we passed into yet another time zone, the Eastern Time Zone.