July 8, 2008

7/8/08 Upsala, ON


It rained all night but I could see a few patches of blue sky through the trees when I got up. The shear number of mosquitoes this morning was an easy reminder to keep moving while packing up the bike, fast!

A few times during the early hours of the ride, the sun could be seen through breaks in the clouds like a kid playing hide-and-seek behind his mother's skirt. Ah, but when you saw that sunshine smile on you, you just had to shout "Glorious!"

I love this sign

But as the day wore on, the clouds once again asserted their dominance of the skies. For the most part the roads were very flat but with a few twists and turns.

Passed quite a few clear-cuts

We were able to get by with just windbreakers until the rain started to catch up to us outside of Upsala. Mike raced ahead and in the time it took me to get my rain jacket on, it passed me by.

Our constant third riding partner: storms

I know we're making a habit of these shorter days but it just works out better this way in these parts. Tomorrow we want to stay at Kakabeka Falls which they call a mini-Niagara. It was to far to attempt all in one day, especially with the storms.

We had lunch at the Shell station which happened to be filled with other travelers. Two guys from Florida were biking across Canada as a fundraiser. Byron, who is just biking for a couple of weeks to Thunder Bay, stopped and wished us well. And as we were leaving, we saw Roland wheel past.

And we met Joseph who is walking across Canada. It's taken him three months to get this far from Vancouver and he expects it to take him another three months. Wow, that's fast. He's just finished a year teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Korea but when he returned home, he and a few friends started MirMovement (www.mirmovement.com). What I can gather it's a group teaching about peace. Maybe I can catch him tomorrow for a picture.

I sure am glad we stopped here for the day. The crosswinds are almost gale-force and it continues to rain on-and-off. I don't envy the others who continued on. Because the rain made cooking difficult, we had dinner at the Shell station again. Good cookies!

Oh, and we passed the 2000-mile mark today.