July 7, 2008

7/7/08 Ignace, ON


It didn't rain last night but our friends the clouds didn't go away either. On the bright side, the clouds kept last nights temperatures pretty mild. So we left under a slow moving front that unfortunately gave us a bit of a headwind to ride into.

The ride was a bit unremarkable, with similar scenery as yesterday but fewer lakes. It was hard to see what this region does with it's land. The wide shoulder that we have enjoyed since coming into Ontario disappeared. And with so few roads crossing this part of the provence, there was a huge amount of truck traffic. Not the best for a peaceful enjoyable ride.

With the temperatures still low and with the threat of rain, I ended up putting on my rain gear. It was hot but I was definitely colder without it. Even so, I just didn't feel very good today, kind of lethargic. The headwind was discouraging and it seemed to take us along time to get the 85km to Ignace.

Our only option to continue would take us another 100km to Upsala with nothing in between, so we decided to make today a short one. Tomorrow, if we have headwinds again we'll ride to Upsala but if the tailwinds return, we might try for a long ride at least closer to Thunder Bay.

Strange but the campground on the west-side of town turned us away even though a couple from Pennsylvania earlier told us they took tenters. I didn't think I smelled that bad. But it turned out okay because we're at our second really nice campground two nights in a row here at Davey Lake Campground. Stephanie and Bob welcomed us warmly despite the rain coming down. They have a beautiful place here, lots of space, it's lakeside with swimming, I ate dinner in a screened in gazebo (which was great at foiling the mosquitos) and the office doubles as a store/laundry/rec center. Unfortunately Stephanie says were supposed to get more rain tomorrow. Yippie!!!

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