July 6, 2008

7/6/08 Wabigoon, ON


Went to bed with thunderstorms and rain landing on the tent. At least we weren't out riding in it.

Yesterday I had an encounter with one of North America's most vicious mammals. He had torn a two inch hole in my food bag while I was off taking a shower. Even when I came upon him, he didn't back down one inch. I had to wrestle my food bag from him and he tried several times to get it back. There was just no way I could let my guard down at this campsite, so Mike and I hung our food bags in the trees. What animal you ask? The chipmunk. Oh, I know a few of you are laughing, but don't let their size and supposed 'cuteness' fool you. Turn your back and you'll find some of your food missing. [smile]

At first I thought we were going to have a great day, even if it gets a little hot. After last nights storms, the skies today looked clear blue. But all morning the clouds were just regrouping. Later I had to put on a jacket as the temperatures seemed to be falling a bit. Plus I didn't take many pictures because the cloud-cover just didn't do the scenery justice.

All morning we passed a hundred lakes, each individually named as we sped down the rolling road with a glorious tailwind. The lakes reminded me of bonsai trees, with the little islands with small evergreens here and there in the rocks. It felt like I was in the mountains without being in the mountains.

A great rest stop

Even though there was a lot of ups and downs on this stretch of road, with the tailwind we still averaged over 26kph/16mph without even trying. We stopped for lunch at Stampede BBQ. Great BBQ sauce by the way. Eventually reaching Dryden a little after 1pm. With the tailwind, we decided to push on a bit more, stopping in Wabigoon.

The Wabigoon Lake RV Park has to be one of the best we've stayed at this whole trip. From the road, it's charms are hidden, so don't let that stop anyone from checking them out. The price was reasonable, the tent sites were level and full of grass, free firewood (to smoke out the mosquitos), large bathroom-showers (free), and free internet. Plus anyone is welcome to sit and relax in the office with internet hookups, TV or books if you prefer. Frank says they do this as a hobby business, living down south when it gets cold. Since they have experienced RV life, they know what to do to make everyone happy. Simply put this is a great campground.

Still pretty cloudy outside so I'm indoors working on updating the blog and eating my dinner. If we get some good tailwinds again tomorrow, we might try for another 100+ mile day like today. Not really much of a choice as there isn't much between here and Thunder Bay.