July 4, 2008

7/4/08 West Hawk Lake, MB


Our plan had been to get an early start, with a quick stop at Tim Horton's for danish and coffee, so we could get through downtown Winnipeg before the morning rush hour.

Actually, the ride in wasn't too bad. There were a lot of buses so most cars just let us have the bus lane. And traffic was pretty light this hour as we passed the Manitoba Legislative Building. A quick turn and crossed both the Assiniboine River and the Red River. But then we had a long stretch of two-lane no shoulder road through the industrial part of town.

Manitoba Legislative Building

The first couple of hours, there was quite a bit of traffic going both directions. We jumped onto the gravel shoulder several times just in case when the big trucks passed. But as the day wore on, we pretty much had the highway all to ourselves.

Which was a good thing because, on occasion I had to weave and dodge a whole squadren of flies that hovered around me all afternoon. I'm calling them dolphin flies because they only seemed interested in flying alongside me or crisscrossing in front of me. But it was hard to concentrate on the road when thirty or forty of them are dive bombing all around you. Even got one in the teeth. I think I pushed harder today with a subconscious idea that I could outrun them. Hah! No way!

When we stopped in Elma, we met another cross-country cyclist, Roland from Ottawa, who started a few weeks before us. Looks like we're on the same route for a while. He ended up camping next to us tonight. His website is called Roving Rolly


If I wasn't so tired (we did another 100+ mile day today) I might have appreciated the change in scenery as we entered Whiteshell Provencial Park - rolling hills with lots of exposed rock. It reminds me a lot of the Ozarks.

Definitely different scenery

Were in the campground which is pretty crowded this this weekend. Walked down to the lake for a look, then spent almost thirty minutes doing cycling yoga. I definitely need to do more of that. Mike and I spent most of the evening telling tall tales to Roland.

A very friendly deer in our campsite

Looks like we'll do a short day tomorrow which is okay with me. I really want to enjoy this trip and doing too many long days just isn't in this body. [smile]