July 3, 2008

7/3/08 Winnipeg, MB


Do you know how hard it is to do nothing for a day. For me, hard! I walked down to Polo Park, a huge shopping mall to use the free internet at McNally-Robinson bookstore. Then after an expensive stop at the grocery store, I walked back to our hotel, the Assiniboine Gordon Inn.

We are in a neighborhood called St James and there is a cool little park across the street called Bruce Park. From the street you can see the WWI Memorial dedicated to those from St James Village who died. Hidden away from the street behind the trees is a child's play area and a wading pool. It's just a strip of grass and trees following a little creek, but I found it peaceful.

Horror of horrors, I almost forgot to buy a head-net to battle against the mosquitos. Took the bus back down to MEC and got a chance to talk to Lydia more at the checkout. She was very enthusiastic about travel in her future. She even new about the Camino de Santiago.

On the bus ride back I made some observations about Winnipeg. There are a lot of bike racks all over the city because a lot of people bike. Because it's so flat, it makes for a great city to ride, but because traffic can be a little crazy, a lot of people ride on the sidewalk which seems even more dangerous. The town seems very spread out instead of built upwards. It reminds me a lot of Chicago.

Cool bike rack in front of a bike shop

By the end of the day, I didn't get anything done that I should have done today, especially with all the free time. Let's see what's on the list: laundry, yoga, stretching, and meditate. Like I said before, it is very strange being in the city. Maybe it's too confusing the conflict between the traveler and the city-life I left behind in Kansas City. Maybe I can convince Mike to take our next day off in a different setting.

Some say Winnipeg is the unofficial halfway mark across Canada. Yippie!!!