July 30, 2008

7/30/08 Louiseville, QC


Most travelers who are exposed to the elements like hikers and cyclists, I think get a little too obsessed with the weather. I mean, you gotta' go out there and hike or bike whether it's bad weather or not. My motto is just look up - if it's sunny just enjoy it. And if it's cloudy just know that it will be sunny again soon.

We got an early start out of the city but we didn't really need to. We only had to ride three blocks where we joined a bike route that took us out of Montreal. I am still amazed that we could ride through a major city almost entirely on bike paths, bike lanes and designated bike streets.

A place where we were immensely grateful for the bike paths was through the industrial area with it's huge trucks. And what should we find but another Tim Horton's so Mike could get his coffee fix. [smile]

We are now following the 'Route Verte 5" from Montreal to Quebec. Mike picked up a detailed guide with maps from Velo Quebec. Just like the great bike paths and lanes, the guide has everything a cyclist would want to know. And the routes are completely signed on the roads.

Roads for cars and bikes

Mostly it was a real easy day but with rain clouds threatening everywhere we turned. We have followed the river but we also went through farm country too. Again saw lots of old farms still being loved and cared for.

Beautiful farm house

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a little one-woman food diner in Berthierville. A few guys asked about trip but didn't speak English. The woman behind the counter helped us order through our atrocious bad French. While eating, who should ride up but Greg and Tara. It was good to see them again and compare trip stories.

It was a great ride as we went through Saint-Viateur and if you ever get to Saint-Barthelemy, stop at the antiques store just before you get to the center of town (wish I got a picture).

Wonderful colors

I think both Mike and I are a little nervous about riding through Quebec and not speaking French. I'm sure I'm was more anxious to get to our campground early and preferably before it started raining.

Camping et Marina Louiseville is five kilometers off-route but well worth the ride. It is one of the best campgrounds we've stayed at. To be listed in the 'Route Verte' guidebook, the campground has to agree to have a covered shelter for the cyclists to eat their meals, bike tools for minor repairs and also guarantees not to turn any cyclist away. Our campsite is near the main building with new spotless showers. The tents sit on a wonderful carpet of grass. And I'm sitting here writing this in the recreation room. I highly recommend this place, besides the extra kilometers is very flat, no effort at all to get here.

A great campsite