July 29, 2008

7/29/08 Montreal, QC


Had trouble getting to sleep but slept pretty well. I spent the morning walking in the Old Quarter near the Pier. Most of the morning the skies were covered with dark clouds but with patches of blue skies and sunshine. I followed a recommended walking route but not sure what it was supposed to show me as I found it pretty dull. The clouds didn't help and also the fact that it was trash day. Kind of hard to take a good picture with trash bags piled up everywhere.

Montreal skyline

With all of these kinds of trips, it is so hard to get to know a place in one day. I can see it and even smell it but there is no way to get underneath that to the real city. I know Montreal has a lot of energy, lots of life. The streets are filled with beautiful women but also the homeless, panhandlers and the mentally ill. Everyone seems to slip from French to English and back with ease. It's a great bike city with dedicated bike lanes, bike poles to lock up and flat enough that anyone young or old can bike. It has a lot of old architecture mixed with new. Took lots of pictures of churches.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Bike lane

One side in English, the other in French, same box

Mike found a great place to eat, a food court in part of the underground city. While he ran more errands, I went back downtown to see "HellBoy: The Golden Army". Good movie by the way. I walked back through the "Les FrancoFolies de Montreal" which is a music festival running all week that celebrates French-language music. And the surprise is that the clouds are gone and the skies clear. But we're looking at rain tomorrow night. Yippie!!!

Lots of free music