July 26, 2008

7/26/08 Brockville, ON


The winds kept howling all night so maybe that's why I kept waking up. Finally I just gave up and started to pack. The skies looked clear but off to the east I saw red. What's the saying "Red at night, sailors delight, red at morning, sailors take warning." I don't want to jinx it but I'm not hopeful.

The route took us along what is now the St Lawrence River. We had almost no traffic as we headed out (probably because of the ferry schedule). We stopped for a bit of breakfast at a gas station slash bistro in Bath. Actually, the carrot cake muffins were great.

About the only big ship we saw

As I thought, the views were a bit muted because the skies had become overcast. The Waterfront Trail swung us around Kingston hugging the shoreline. And we saw Greg and Tara again. They were staying in town to find something to eat while we pushed on.

Greg & Tara

But, years ago, I had heard of a brewery that had a beer called Dragon's Breath Ale and it turns out is here. The Kingston Brewing Company was right downtown, only a half block from our route but they didn't open for another several hours. Mike convinced me to go around back and see if anyone would sell me one of the Dragon's Breath t-shirts. Reluctantly I head off in search of the holy grail. And came out smiling. Now all I have to do is find a post office to mail it home.

With my very own Dragon's Breath t-shirt

All day we rode past a few runners but also several dozen cyclists. It was amazing to see so many in one place but I guess it was Saturday and it was a good road for a touring ride.

Soon we started to get a few sprinkles but nothing to worry about. Mike picked a deli in Gananoque for lunch but ended up ordering breakfast instead. Mike loves his 'breaky'.

Beautiful old homes in Gananoque

Just outside of town we turned onto the 1,000 Island Parkway which has a bike path that went for 35km (22 miles). Even though it wasn't on the water-side of the road, it was better anyway because the road didn't have a shoulder at all.

Two of the thousand islands

The deluge hit us soon after Rockport. And I mean deluge. There was little to do other than put on our rain jackets and keep on going. It rained and it rained but I smiled. To my surprise I didn't mind. It was warm enough that it really seemed like a summer shower. The bike path ended and we were back on the highway again.

Eventually we saw a gas station with a bunch of motorcycles waiting out the rain, so we pulled in to join them. They wee all from Quebec speaking a very different type of French to me. They asked us questions about the trip and later wished us "bon voyage."

I think we must have waited out the storm under the awning for about two hours but it did finally pass. So we rode on into Brockville as the sun came out briefly.

At first the campground host said they were full but we convinced him we could tent near the parking lot. It's a small city-run park with very few sites, RV or tent, although it did have a canteen where we got some sandwiches. And as I write I think more rain clouds are moving in overhead.

Lots of folks having fun on the river

Mike thinks we'll be in Montreal on Monday.