July 25, 2008

7/25/08 Adolphustown, ON


Woke up to blue skies. Yippie! We both must have been tired (or we got a full night's sleep without being interrupted by storms) because we didn't roll out of the tents until 6:30am.

We left town and headed back down to the lakeshore to once again follow the Waterfront Trail. For the most part it was pretty flat. Lake Ontario seemed to pop in and out of our vision over our right shoulder all day. Lots of lakefront homes but everything looked new or at least newer. No more old farm houses.

In Wellington we stopped for a burger at the Orchard Drive Dari Bar. A few older ladies asked about our trip so far. "I don't even have that many kilometers on my car!" she said about our mileage. It was a great place to stop as we had a good view of the lake. And the food was good too, especially the vanilla milkshakes. Mmm.

That was a good lunch, and with a view too

We stopped to check out the Bloomfield Bicycle Company. Such a cool shop, just like the ACME Bicycle Company shop back home in Kansas City. There was a sign over the entrance that read "If you're in a hurry you're in the wrong place." When I started to talk to K.T. about my bike being made by two women frame builders, she grew estatic. She couldn't wait to pull up their website on the computer. It was great talking to K.T. and Adam because they really knew exactly what it was like to be a touring cyclist. I could have stayed all day to chat but there was a fierce tailwind and more kilometers calling our name.

A great bike shop!!!

We had to take the ferry to keep on Hwy-33. Most of the route today also followed the Loyalist Parkway. After the American Revolution, the King granted land all along this part of Ontario to those who kept their loyalty to the crown and escaped from the colonies. The Queen herself even christened this route back in the 1980's.

Catchin' the ferry

We are staying at the UEL Heritage Centre & Park which is the very first place we've come across in seven weeks of camping that gave touring cyclists a discount, only 12$ for the both of us. And even as I write this at dinner time, the skies are still blue with not a cloud in sight. Yippie!

While trying in vain to upload my pictures from the last few days, up rolled Greg and Tara. They're out for a short trip to Ottawa, with the hopes of doing a cross-Canada trip when they feel more confident. They picked a great first day on the road with sunshine and a tailwind. We wished them safe travels.

Camp Wisdom: One thing I might remind folks is that when it is windy, make sure all flammable items are far away from the camp stove when lit. For example butane lighters. Did you know that they can explode in a fiery ball of flame that just might singe all the hair off your arm? Oops. That was kind of exciting.