July 24, 2008

7/24/08 Grafton, ON


Rained pretty hard last night but it seemed like it might clear up when we left the campground this morning.

It really is quiet biking on these country roads but there is one drawback. Unlike other roads, most country roads follow the survey lines. So, instead of flowing with the contours of the land, it just goes up and over no matter how steep. It seemed when we went east, it was all up and down, and when we went south, it was mostly flat.

The sun did come out at times but there were still a lot of clouds up there. We saw more farm houses that could be in one of those glossy coffee-table magazines. You could tell that not only were they doing well with the farm, but they took care of it like they still loved it. We were surrounded by corn and wheat fields all day. Most of the wheat looked like it could be ready to harvest any day now, if only it would stop raining for a bit.

Lots of nice farms

We had some great donuts in Uxbridge at Bredin's Bakery. Some sugar to give me a kick start on those hills.

On Middle Road we passed the strangest sight, a guy on a giant unicycle. So, I road up ahead and stopped to take his picture. Duncan rides a unicycle with a 36" wheel as he is one tall fellow. He said he has done 30,000km on this unicycle, averaging 40km a day. Duncan really wants to try and unicycle across Canada some day soon but he's still looking for a sponsor.

Duncan, the Unicycle Man

As we neared Oshawa, dark clouds were already forming. We ducked into the first food joint we saw just as the first drops of rain started coming down. The gang at Pizza Pizza (on Liberty were amazed that we had biked this far. We decided to just stay inside and eat while waiting out the thunderstorm raging outside. It turned out to be a great idea.

Soon we were riding alongside Lake Ontario, watching the latest storm far out on the water. We were following what they call the Waterfront Trail which winds you along the lake front and away from the major roads. It was a great ride.

Fierce storms ahead

As we approached Cobourg we could see one doozy of a thunderstorm ahead of us and another on it's way. By the time we reached town, the first storm had passed through, but the other was way too close. So we went and hid in the Mall in Cobourg just as the second one hit. And hit it did, lots.

Taking shelter from the deluge

But like earlier, when we emerged from our hiding place, the sun was out. The roads were still pretty wet, but it was nice not to be soaked to the bone for once. The Waterfront Trail wound it's way through some very exclusive parts of Cobourg, including the Yaht Club. Eventually we left the trail so we could make it more directly to the campground.

We're at the Cobourg East Campground in Grafton. They're very nice folks here. It's still damp everywhere but we got set up and went to use the internet in the office. Having trouble with uploading the pictures. But able to check my email okay.

Today was full of milestones (or at least close milestones): We passed 3000-miles, we almost passed 5000-km and we almost did another 100-mile day. Feeling pretty good. Yeah, despite the rain. [smile]