July 23, 2008

7/23/08 Mount Albert, ON


It was raining when we got up. And it was raining when we packed. It was even raining when Suz made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast. It was hard to say goodbye to Suz and that didn't have anything to do with the rain.

Mike had a route that stair-stepped it's way southeast. We've left behind the busy highways and big trucks. This morning was all quiet country roads where we passed lots of good-looking farms. Even the little towns looked healthy. I'd have taken pictures if it hadn't been raining.

Part of our ride out of Collingwood included quite a big chunk of dirt and gravel because of construction. Our feet were covered with mud while you could hear the bike gears crunch because they were covered with dirt. Soon after that, Mike's rear tire blew-out.

The rain finally let up but started again after we had lunch in Cookstown. As if that wasn't bad enough, we rode through the rain through part of the urban sprawl of Toronto. There were so many chain stores and traffic, we got lost for a stretch. And the drivers had no patience for two cyclists trying to share the road.

At the Ponderosa Campground the rain stopped only long enough for us to put up the tents. Later Melissa and Dan, who were camped next do us, invited us to come over, share their fire and have some dinner and conversation. It was very relaxing.

Melissa & Dan

It's sprinkling now and more rain forecasted for the whole week. Yippie! I'm pretty tired but I feel good today.