July 22, 2008

7/22/08 Collingwood, ON


Even though I was inside with the air conditioning on, I still woke up when the rain really started coming down outside. I was so glad my tent was put away and dry.

This morning Suz loaded up all the kids and we went for breakfast in the downtown. It was a thriving neighborhood of boutiques and galleries mixed in with regular businesses.

Halli is always full of giggles

Mostly I tried to do nothing today. After a quick lunch we all went to Wasaga Beach which is the longest freshwater beach in the world. It was nice, even when the clouds stormed in and we hid under the beach umbrella during a deluge.

The kids enjoying the beach

When Suz found out I had been carrying my running shoes since Vancouver but hadn't run in them, she thought it would be great if I joined her for a run. Tonight was the first week of a training run sponsored by Collingwood Running Company. Turns out the first run was five kilometers. I did okay but not as good as I expected.

Finished the evening with pizza with the whole family. It has been so good to see Suz again and to catch up with her. She hasn't changed a bit since I knew her on the Appalachian Trail. And her husband Richard and the kids Halli and Duncan were the icing on the cake.

Richard, Halli, Suz's brother Kevin, Suz & Duncan