July 2, 2008

7/2/08 Winnipeg, MB


I guess we really needed the sleep because I didn't wake up till almost seven. But it was anything but a relaxing morning. We both packed as much as we could inside the tents but it wasn't enough. We were swarmed by hundreds of mosquitos when we emerged. Even though I was mostly covered up, they covered my legs and face. I think I might have even swallowed a couple. By the time I away on the bike, my legs were covered in my own blood.

Once outside the trees of the campground, the winds were strong enough to repel even the strongest mosquitos. But one look at the sky showed another black storm front moving in.

Beautiful St Paul's Anglican Church

We decided to take Hwy-26 as far as we could into Winnipeg instead of Hwy-1. Turns out it was the old Hwy-1 years ago. Like every time we have faced storms, we pushed hard despite severe crosswinds. By the time we had out run the storm 30kms later, the highway turned a bit more south so we had more of a tailwind. Later, when Hwy-26 ended, instead of using Hwy-1, turns out there was a service road that paralleled the highway all the way into town.

Winnipeg is a strange town to me after three weeks on the road. We had to try several hotels near the city limits to find one not booked up and it's still pretty expensive. Took a bus ride downtown to shop at MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) for some replacement gear and then we saw a movie. But walking back to the hotel, it all still seems pretty strange to me.

Downtown Winnipeg

We're taking tomorrow off the bikes. Not sure what I'll do.