July 18, 2008

7/18/08 Spragge, ON


Rain. Packed a soggy tent. But no mosquitoes. A nice change!

We had a doozy of a thunderstorm last night. Lots of thunder and lightening and winds so strong it was blowing rain up under the tent fly. The ground was sand but couldn't keep up with the deluge, so I had standing water under my tent seeping in under my air mattress. Got everything where it wouldn't get wet and fell asleep.

When we woke up, it still looked like it could rain some more. Oh well, tis' life on the road.

Instead of taking one of the recommended backroads, we ended up staying on Hwy-17 which turned into a divided highway with no shoulder. Oops. Lucky for us, traffic was pretty light.

Typical 18" paved shoulder with gravel

Another big change that we noticed today was we have left the timber forests behind and now are riding through a lot more farmland. Which is great because the road has been flat (oh, there were a few climbs but who cares). With favorable winds, and lots of traffic whizzing by, we seemed to fly down the road.

At Iron Bridge we met Matt. He is on a Run for 1 Planet doing a marathon a day along with his partner Stephanie. They left Vancouver on May 4th and plan to run 'around' North American in a year. Wow, a marathon a day! Super nice people.

Matt & Stephanie

And for that brief moment while we talked to them (they loved my solar charger helmet) the sun came out.

With the wind at our back we made it to the KOA campground in Spragge by mid-afternoon which is great for a 150km-day. After drying out the tents, the breezes have cleared most of the sky so it's a wonder to be sitting out on the deck of the office writing in my journal.

Mike and I both had poor stays in other KOA's in the USA because they were so expensive for the solo cyclist. But thi prices here were good and the facilities immaculate. They even have free wifi.

So, let's give today a thumbs up!