July 17, 2008

7/17/08 Ojibway Park, ON


It rained. We packed wet tents. Battled man-eating mosquitoes. Same routine, different day. Should I just give up and call this trip across Canada by a wet theme?

I think the biggest change we noticed is the higher humidity. It just makes everything seem sticky inside the tent. As if we didn't already have enough challenges.

Morning on the beach

Most of the morning, the roads were relatively flat, that was until we reached 'Mile Hill' as the locals call it. Even the trucks barely went fast enough to pass us. It was a long steep climb but I eventually made it to the top.

Saw this sign outside of Sault St Marie

Our ride into Sault St Marie was a little hair-raising (if I had any hair on my head). Traffic increased a lot and there was very little room near the curb. We were able to negotiate our way to downtown where we stopped at Mrs B's Pizza. It was pretty small inside with seating for only 10. They sold five varieties of pizza by the slice. It was recommended in one of the guidebooks and was pretty good.

Great pizza!

And while we were eating, another cross-country cyclist stopped in to say hello to us. Adrian said he's been seeing our tracks in the shoulder since Thunder Bay. When he saw the bikes outside, he just knew it had to be us. It sounds as if he started biking across the northern USA before going north around Lake Superior. He'll stay in Canada a while longer before dropping down to Connecticut.

Our hazy skies looked to be building up some thunder clouds. We stopped in at the public library to use the internet and get some information about the road ahead. The librarian told us it was the first day of the Lion's Club Festival and in twenty years they've never had rain but it didn't look like that was going to be the case this year.

The librarian also told us about an unlisted campground on the Indian reserve outside of town. After stocking up at the local A&P, we set off in search of the campground. We had to stop and ask about it and eventually it appeared.

Ojibway Park, also known as Laughing Waters RV Park & Campground, is a pretty laid back place. The girl at the gate basically told us to tent anywhere. There's plenty of sand but not really any beach along the shore. I talked to the older couple next to us, Hugh and Leona who live not far from here. Their kids and their families are in the several RVs nearby. The whole clan comes here every summer.

After dinner (a prepared green salad this time) I went over to the sand dunes to meditate. I've been so intolerant and cranky lately and I could tell when I tried to be at peace for just twenty minutes. Not sure how much it helped. I just need to do this every day in order to find some balance. I blew up at Mike this morning but he said he's got pretty tough skin so he said he not to worry about it.

Later we were actually able to sit outside and have a conversation without any mosquitoes at all. It was amazing. It is so nice to be out of the tent at least when we want to. Oh, spoke to soon, since I had to return to the tent because of more rain. Yippie!!!

Thanks for the comments and emails. It really is great to know people actually read the blog and look at the pictures.