July 16, 2008

7/16/08 Pancake Bay, ON


I can't believe I left the tent flap open all night. But, guess what, no rain. Yippie! The tent was completely dry when I packed it this morning, a first in a long time I think. The sky was already clear of any clouds and a great color of blue. I was jumping for joy. I do love the sun.

Even as we left camp, mists were lifting everywhere near the lake. I was so happy, nothing was going to dampen my spirits today. We still had a lot of climbs and some stiff headwinds, but with the sunshine, it didn't seem as bad.

Morning mists

We made good time to reach Katherine Cove early in the morning, before anyone else was there. Like the guidebooks say, it is a spectacular beach. With no one there, I could have stayed forever, it was that peaceful. And the water was so calm, I can see why a lot of people canoe and kayak this coastline. Did you know that Lake Superior was named Gitchi Gumie?

Katherine Cove

It seems every couple of kilometers, we would get another great glimpse of the lake and shoreline. Ended up taking lots of pictures. We even saw a bear cub. Not my smartest move taking it's picture as we didn't know where it's mother was.

Black bear cub

It was a long ride but we made it to Pancake Bay by mid-afternoon. It's a huge campground alongside an immense stretch of beach. I walked it for over thirty minutes and I still wasn't any where close to the end. After cleaning up, it was a joy just to walk the beach, listening to the sea gulls and to the squealing children playing in the sand.

I was hoping for a sunset over the lake but the beach is facing south. Mike and I sat on the sand till everyone left. He's used to the beaches coming from Perth Australia, but me, I'm a land-locked boy and the beach seems wonderful to me.

I'm glad we had such a good day as I'm not sure what we will get tomorrow. As I write this, clouds have begun to gather overhead and I heard talk of more rain at the park office. Oh well, you take it what you get. [smile]

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