July 15, 2008

7/15/08 Rabbit Blanket Lake, ON


Why will it not surprise anyone that it rained last night, hard enough to wake both of us. At least it stopped by the time we got up. Mike and I pulled out full-battle gear to pack this time: bug juice on all exposed skin, long-sleeves and pants, and head-nets. I'm sure we were a sight but we got the job done without too much bloodshed (ours or theirs).

The sky was covered with a thick blanket of misty clouds. I could see blue sky off in the distance but there was no way of knowing if that was our destination. Strong headwinds made even the downhills seem like uphills.

We rode off route to Wawa in search of a hot breakfast and a grocery store. Resupplied our food bags but couldn't find a restaurant open this morning so we stopped in at Tim Horton's. The most amazing thing happened - the sun came out. Yippie!

I love the sun. It just brightens everything. For a long time, the roadsides have been covered with white, yellow and orange wildflowers. But today was the first time in a long while where you could really appreciate the colors.

Lots of color on the roadside

As we are back along the shores of Lake Superior, the road is once again a roller coaster of ups, downs, twisting left and right. Definitely a lot more climbing today.

Lake Superior

This is one of our most expensive provincial park campsites: $30. I keep thinking of all those biking solo like Roland and how these costs are prohibitive to them. At least Mike and I can split the fees. On these cross-country routes, they really should establish some biker-only tent sites at the parks and charge a lot less, as they do for backpackers, so that everyone can enjoy these provincial parks.

A little visitor we had tonight

The lake has a little island and we can walk just a few meters directly from our campsite to the waters edge. They tell us tomorrow's ride includes a lot of climbing like today. It's just nice to relax in the tent, writing and listening to some music.

Ah, the good life!