July 13, 2008

7/13/08 Marathon, ON


I guess I spoke too soon as it rained all night and into the morning. Again, Mike and I stalled getting out of the tents, hoping the rain would stop. But soon our bladders made the decision for us. Another day, another tent packed away wet.

At first I thought today would be like yesterday, with the fog and rain burning off and having a sunny afternoon. But that just didn't happen. We stopped in Terrace Bay for some breakfast but then stepped back out into the rain to continue on.

Every time we thought it would clear up and had thoughts of taking off the rain gear, we would turn the corner and it would be raining again. And we had a lot of long steep climbs today which made the rain gear seem more like a sauna. We just couldn't win, wet on the outside, wet on the inside.

And you would think that after five weeks, my legs would be able to keep up with the leaders of the Tour de France, but I just don't seem to have the strength. Not sure why. Looking forward to a day off in Collingwood visiting my friend, Appalachian Trail thruhiker 'Veto'. I haven't seen Suzanne in nine years. Can't wait.

A few times we caught a glimpse of Lake Superior which was all blue sky and wonderfully multicolored water. It just wasn't easy to capture on film when it's raining on you.

About ten kilometers before Marathon, the skies really dumped on us. If we weren't wet before, we definitely were now. Plus we had a few more steep climbs to finish the day.

And the rain followed us into town. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut, about the only thing open here on Sunday. Temperatures were dropping all afternoon, and because we were soaking wet and cold, we decided to pay the high price of a motel. But at least we got to watch today's stage of the Tour de France.

It's been hard to keep spirits up with the rain continuing to dog our heels this whole trip. Once we get past Lake Superior and heading more south, hopefully we'll get clearer weather and warmer temperatures.