July 12, 2008

7/12/08 Rainbow Falls, ON


Wow, what a storm last night - heavy rains, thunder and lightening, and strong winds. They said Red Rock, a small town about five kilometers away got the brunt of the storm with a lot of tree damage. Me, I fell asleep with all my clothes on. I guess I was really tired.

As is a routine now, we packed up as fast as we could during a mosquito onslaught. The rain had stopped but there was a heavy fog everywhere. Getting some breakfast, the owner of the gas station told us there will probably be more rain today. Yippie!

Road conditions were a lot like yesterday but at least we had a lot less traffic now that we are following Hwy-17 along the shores of Lake Superior.

Fog over Lake Superior

It was an odd morning. Most of time, we rode through a cold fog that cut visibility down to almost nothing. But then every once in a while, the sun would rip big holes in that shroud. We climbed a lot, more than we had in many weeks.

Mike climbing in the sun

Descending into the cold fog

Saw a couple of men walking west with a support vehicle that read 'Walk Against Violence'. We shouted greetings but didn't stop to talk.

Finally the sun regained dominance of the skies as we made the long climb up to Rossport. It's kind of an old-time fishing village that is now filled with bed & breakfast inns. We had one of our best lunches this trip at the Serendipity Garden Cafe.

We can't really see Lake Superior proper yet as there are still some barrier islands on the horizon. But I can already feel the immensity of it. With the winds coming off the lake, it's pretty cold despite the sun.

Turned into a nice afternoon

At the campground, one of the park workers said they still had snow here in the middle of June. We've got a tent site on the shores of Whitesand Lake which empties into Lake Superior via the Rainbow Falls.

One of the many Rainbow Falls

We are so grateful for the sunshine and clear skies. It's been awhile since we've been able to pack our tents dry. Everything was getting that musty smell, so it's great to sit a few things out in the sun.

Still it's kind of a bummer that the mosquitoes and black flies chase us into our tents. At least without the rain, I can keep the tent flap open to appreciate the beauty around us.

Later I tried to make a fire to keep the little buggers away but it was a sad attempt. Eventually went back to the tent to bundle up against the cold night that was already approaching.