June 9, 2008

6/8/09 Vancouver, BC

We had planned on meeting down in the lobby area about 8am but I found myself awake up at 6. When I saw Mike, he had some news that would change our plans. Putting his bike back together, he found a derailer bolt broke off but he couldn't get the bit of bolt out. So, he has to find a bike shop that can help him fix that before we can leave. I hope that's possible on a Sunday. Looks like we'll be here another day, but that's okay too. It's all good.

Since we were staying another day, we decided to pay for internet access. The girl at the counter said today was especially busy. They had almost 400 guests in the hostel and usually on a Sunday they have about 40 people checking out. Today they had 190 checking out. So, to say the least, the front desk was very busy.

Breakfast was an all-you-can-eat affair in the cafeteria. Mmm! After gorging ourselves on lots of carbohydrates, Mike and I rode in search of bike shops. The Bike Kitchen which is right on campus was closed so we rode a bit farther into town to The Bike Gallery. Jason and Shawn were able to fix Mike's bike up with no problems and we chatted with them about our trip. They were enthusiastic and gave us some route advice to get through Vancouver. Plus, they told us all the athletes we were seeing at the hostel were here for the International Triathalon Championships.

The weather was pretty darn cold and wet, forcing us to wear some of our cold weather gear. We are just hoping that it will change for the better as we ride away from the coast.

Once back at the hostel, George had found that his front wheel was out of true, maybe from being handled in the bike box during the flight. While Mike and I went to get something to eat, he too went to The Bike Gallery. During lunch, I couldn't seem to keep my eyes open while talking with Mike. Maybe my sleep-deprivation of the last month was catching up to me. Back at the hostel, I decided to take a nap while waiting for George to get back.

Later, the guys told me that they could hear me snoring in my room but couldn't wake me through the locked door. I must have really needed the sleep. After I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, we all walked across campus to catch the number 17 bus to downtown. We didn't really have a destination (and I forgot my Canada guidebook back in my bags) so we just walked down to the waterfront. The sun came out for a few minutes, but it was still pretty cold.

Instead of walking around town,
we'll just look at pictures of Vancouver

Three explores get ready to take on Canada

Back at UBC, we stopped off at Buritos Frescos for a little dinner. Since we had internet access, decided to catch the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica. I haven't had a TV in years but I sure am excited about this SciFi program (this is the 4th and final season). And took time to finish this journal entry for the blog.

Tomorrow the forecast is for temperatures in the 40's with a 30% chance of rain increasing to 90% by evening. I hope it's not an ominous start to our Canadian tour.