June 4, 2008

6/4/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Wow, what a storm last night. The rain gauge said at least four inches. Plus I ended up unplugging the computer because of all the thunder and lightening. But looks to be a beautiful day today.

I can't believe it but I finished all my 'must do' projects. And even had time to clean the apartment. Spent part of the morning going over the Schwinn mountain bike, giving it a good cleaning and making sure all the moving parts were lubed up. I'm taking it over later to Katie at Backwoods. But since the weather is so nice, I took it out for a test drive at lunch.

Don't you just love getting mail. I heard from Hilary, a friend of mine that I met in Malaga, Spain, a few years ago. She just moved into a new house in Denver.

And just as I was heading out the door, FedEx dropped off my new iPod Nano. Yippie! Funny how everything is coming together so smoothly here at the end of the waiting.

Stopped by Backwoods for the umpteenth time, not only to buy a few more 'must need' items, but to say goodbye to everyone like Dana, Scott and Tom. But I also got to see McKinzie who I hadn't seen since before the Europe trip last year. She's another Appalachian Trail thruhiker who sometimes works at Backwoods. She's is headed on an adventure of her own this year. McKinzie is headed for Egypt where she will study more Arabic, but also plans on traveling through Tunisia and Mauritania, finally ending up in Morocco where she will study Arabic culture for a semester. Very cool.

Drove out to the Dishman's again to drop off the mountain bike I won't be using on this tour of Canada. Katie is going to be using it while I'm gone, instead of it gathering dust in the garage. I was able to catch Geri and Mike just home from work when I gave the keys to Katie. The whole family are such good people.

Then headed across town, only to be late for the Wednesday meditation at the Rime Buddhist Center. Today was the first night for the 12-week Beginning Buddhism class for the summer session. There is always a large turnout and today wasn't an exception. Got to say a final farewell to Marisa and Lama Chuck before heading home.

Lama Chuck teaching about meditation

And yes, Phil Wood & Co. are still my most favorite people in the whole world. True to their word, my wheel with completely re-built hub was delivered by UPS around dinner time. Now, it's time to put the bike together for a fully-loaded test run tomorrow before taking it all apart ready for travel on Saturday.

Spent some time tonight reading blogs/journals of current and just arrived Peace Corps volunteers in Mongolia. Check a few out: Advance Humanity by by (a new volunteer) and Finding Joy by Kimmy Lew (has been there one year).

Two, T-W-O, two days left.