June 29, 2008

6/29/08 Binscarth, Manitoba - Canada


We're so used to getting up early (because our watches were wrong) that both of us couldn't sleep in till 6am. It was just as well we got on the road early because even when we left, it was already warmer than any morning we've had. That means it's going to be a hot one today.

Since it was early Sunday morning, Yorkton seemed like a ghost town. But it really was asleep because all the variety of store fronts seemed to indicate this was a thriving community. Here we jumped onto Hwy-16, one of the Trans-Canadian highways, also known as the Yellow Head Highway. Don't ask me why?

Since Hwy-16 is a major highway, we had more flat road like yesterday but even flatter, if that's possible. There was a huge shoulder and for several hours we had it practically to ourselves.

The highlight for me was racing the train out of Bredenburg. I jumped out of the saddle when I passed the last car and didn't stop until I had passed the engine at the front. Even the engineer tooted his horn at my victory.

And Jim wins by a nose

We rode through Langenburg which is one of the first small towns on our route that is actually built along the highway. You could hear the singing coming out of the big church across the tracks which would explain why the rest of town looked deserted. But the diner at the end of town was open so we got an early lunch.

Mike close behind

Manitoba is our fourth provence and third time zone (Central). Even though the route had been pool-table flat all day, we had one steep descent and long, long climb as we crossed the Assiniboine River.

Our fourth provence

We talked to an older couple at the gas bar (Canadian for filling station). They kidded each other like newlyweds but I'm guessing they were at least in their 70s. Another guy was there with is horse, Leroy, to test out some new horse shoes he had put on for the upcoming parade on Canada Day (July 1st). Everyone said the campground was nice, but I'm thinking they all loved the swimming pool.

Filler up!

The pool is huge and it seems everyone from miles around are here to enjoy it. We've got a good tent side nestled between a row of evergreen trees. Not sure what tomorrows going to bring. A few people have mentioned thunderstorms. Oh boy!