June 28, 2008

6/28/08 Yorkton, SK


Well, it did storm last night so I guess staying in the motel was a good thing. Plus, found out the campsite, had we used it, was only 25 yards from the railroad tracks which could be heard even from our motel room all night.

Had a quick continental breakfast and headed out. The good news was there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The bad news was the winds were out of the north, so it looks like we're getting hit with crosswinds today.

Mostly the road was rolling hills but generally we rode the plains. I think I preferred it when we climbed because at least then we had some downhills. This part of Saskatchewan reminds me more of rural Missouri with lots of rolling rangeland and a lot more trees. We must have passed a couple hundred of small lakes and ponds today. Every one was teeming with birds of some sort. I even saw a few pelicans.

Lots of lakes like this one along the way

We stopped for a bite to eat in Keliher. The odd thing was that the clock inside was an hour slow and the waitress said it was too early to serve lunch. So we had breakfast instead. A few people stopped by the table to ask about our trip. Outside talking to one gentleman, we finally asked him what time it was. Turns out the time change is when we cross into Manitoba, not Saskatchewan. Oops, that means we've been getting up at 5am every morning instead of 6. Watches are pretty useless on a bike tour anyway. [smile]

We had the option to either head directly east towards Yorkton, a bigger city, or head southeast towards Melville, a smaller town. It was longer but I agreed with Mike that Yonkton would be a better option. But that meant that we had another 100km to do. If only we didn't have that pesky crosswind.

Farm art

The road didn't have a shoulder but that was okay since we only had a few cars pass us all day. The only thing that was weird was a cloud of horse flies hovered around me most of the afternoon. Mike thought it was about 30 or 40 but they didn't seem interested in him. They didn't bite me but zoomed in and out of my vision so much is was distracting. Maybe they were attracted by my suntan lotion.

The last stretch coming into Yorkton

We rolled into Yonkton about 4pm (with our watches now with the correct time) and boy was my butt sore. We've done three 100+ mile days in the last four. I know it was necessary but that doesn't salve my aching backside. I mean I might have blisters (we were on the saddle almost nine hours today).

Oh, and the campground is another three kilometers from the road on the outside of town. But the campground hostess was real nice. She told us that Megan and Lisa (the Canadian cyclists we met in Hope and then in Sicamose) were here Tuesday. Me thinks that the girls have skipped a large chunk of Saskatchewan on their cross-country trip. [smile] It still would be great to see them up ahead. You never know.

There was a theater here but I was just too tired to even consider going to a film. We had pizza that was different - maybe it was Canadian pizza. I sure miss my Minsky's pizza in Kansas City.

Hopefully we'll be in the saddle a little less in the coming days so my butt can recover. [laugh]