June 16, 2008

6/16/08 Canyon Hot Springs, BC


Even though we got out at our usual time around 8am, it was already getting warm. So no need for even a windbreaker, but that probably also means it's going to be a hot one this afternoon.

Almost immediately we started to notice snow on the mountain tops. I mean on all the mountain tops, event those below the tree-line. I don't know what it is about snowy mountains, but they do sort of touch a place in most people when they see them.

Taking a picture of George & Mike taking a picture

Our ride was slowly going uphill following the Eagle River so it wasn't too bad. Every lake we passed by was glass-smooth telling us there wasn't even a whisper of a wind. About the only steep climbing we had to do was when there was a bridge up and over the railroad.

One stop was the site of the 'last spike' of the Canadian Pacific Railway that connected the East and the West. I looked over at the tracks still in use but couldn't figure out which spike was the last one. You'd think they'd tell you. [laugh]

The Last Spike

Even though we gained in elevation, we made great time to Revelstoke. Stuffed ourselves on burgers at The Nomad Food Company. What a great little diner with everything you could imagine. Definitely a stop worth while for any cross-country cyclists.

Our dilemma was that none of the campgrounds were open in Glacier National Park. So we could stop here in Revelstoke but then the climb over Roger's Pass would be a 100km day. Or we could keep going up to Canyon Hot Springs to a private campground there and shorten our climb over the pass to about 70km. We stopped off at the store and headed out, hoping to get to the campground before it was too late.

A great day to ride

The climb wasn't too bad and the only difficulty we had was George got a flat and that was kind of an ordeal to get him back onto the road.

We can see snow covered mountain tops from our campsite which is great. A thunderstorm moved through just as we got our tents set up but then it was gone by the time I came out of the showers. They have WiFi here so I'm uploading all my pictures. Yippie!!!

Tomorrow looks to be a repeat of today with good weather and spectacular views but still more climbing.