June 13, 2008

6/13/08 Summerland, BC


It was kind of surprising how little traffic the highway had at night, especially since our campsite was so close. But slept pretty well.

With any trip with more than one person, there is always a dynamic that tries to sort itself out. Mike and I are early risers which isn't hard here as the sunrise seems to be about 4:30am. Our usually plan is to get on the road and get to where we are going, then relaxing. George likes to take his time, getting to where he is going when he gets there. There are pluses and minuses to both plans, so we're still working out between ourselves when we actually get on the road.

Jim is packed and waiting on George

It was actually pretty warm this morning compared to all the previous days. The hard part was dressing for the frequent temperature changes. As the sun went behind menacing clouds, the temperature took a dive. Then if you were screaming downhill on the bike, you were chilled pretty good too. But when the sun hit you full on, it was like baking your skin. And then you were sweating buckets on the uphill climbs. That's how the ride started but soon enough we were all stripped down to summer riding clothes and still getting pretty hot.

Such beautiful country

We had a couple of great downhills, one which was three kilometers long at an 8% grade. Almost broke the 70kph (44mph) mark. It really was a great day of riding with the sun and a slight tailwind.

We didn't see any sheep

In Keremeos, we stopped at one of a couple dozen vegetable and fruit stands. This area is a heavy agricultural gold mine so to speak. What surprised me was seeing samosas for sale and watching two women in saris walk down the street. That's not the kind of thing you see in a midwestern town in the USA. Canada has such a great cultural diversity.

Mike & George eating great sandwiches

We got of the main highway and headed up Hwy-3A which turned out to be against the wind and had a long uphill climb to Yellow Lake. What a relief to reach the top. Had a few more nice downhills all the way into Penticton.

This must be a heavily settled area because of the mild winter temperatures as the place was booming. We stopped off in a cafe near the industrial end of town past the airport before heading off again in search of a quiet place to camp.

The worst part was we had strong headwinds coming off Okanagan Lake, which is huge by the way. And the highway was now a busy four-lane with a moderate shoulder. We kept our heads down and finally reached the outskirts of Summerland and pulled into the first RV Park we came too.

Weather reports say possible rain but they said that today too and we had wonderful sunshine. So, we'll see. Still very windy here in the RV park and getting chilly now that the sun is getting low on the horizon. More later...