June 1, 2008

6/1/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Finally a morning with sunshine! Looks to be a beautiful day.

Some of you know I have uploaded a few videos taken on my previous adventures to YouTube. but after reading the latest issue of MacWorld, I decided I might try one of the new video-sharing sites called Vimeo. My plan is to upload a video every month giving a synopsis of what I've been doing and maybe what is ahead. My profile page at Vimeo will have my latest update.

Walking to the store this morning I have begun to really appreciate some of the things I know I will miss this next year. One of the biggest items is trees. I could be wrong but all the pictures I see of Ulaanbaatar shows not even a leaf or a branch. Because of the arctic winter temperatures and arid landscape, trees seem to be only in isolated pockets of the country. Only 7% of the country has what they call forest. So, as I walk down the street with trees everywhere, I relish the shade the give and the gift they give my eyes. But today, my stomach is telling me it is going to miss Lamar's Donuts, a KC 'must taste'. Maybe I'll stop by there tomorrow.

I was feeling very restless today. Rode to Minsky's get something to eat and had a great calzone, or Jimzone as they call it: green pepper, sweet red pepper, red onion and garlic inside a whole wheat crust. Mmm.

Had a few other errands so figured out a bike route that would take my past them all. First on the list was Dynamic Earth, but it was closed. The sign said 'Sunday - Playing'. Then rode over to Backwoods again to get a few small items. Had planned on stopping by Borders to get a thesaurus but I was so hot and tired, I decided just to ride straight home.

Definitely still restless. Went and had some Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard (Wow!) and then bought some ginger beer (memories of New Zealand). Rented Darjeeling Limited but just couldn't get into it. Ended up just listening to Renee (a friend from the Rime Center) who has a radio show called Night Tides on Sunday nights. A very good way to wind down a bit.

Five days till I leave for Vancouver...