May 31, 2008

5/31/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Finally finished some of my repair projects like patching the ripped knees of my wind pants. I just love these pants and haven't found anything to replace them. I bought them for my Appalachian Trail thruhike in 1998 and they're still going strong. Ended up making some 'peace sign' patches to cover the rips I got when I fell in Rome last fall.

More crazy weather today with lots of clouds, sunshine, heat and gusting winds. I think Mother Nature has A.D.D.! But that didn't stop me from biking to the Rime Buddhist Center for yoga class. Got sprinkled on, but mostly it was just hot and humid on the ride downtown. I've enjoyed the classes Britten teaches. Most of us are all beginners and she does a great job describing exactly what we're doing. I've got a 'yoga for cyclist' video from that I want to use while riding across Canada. At least that's the plan. Britten wished me well on my travels and reminded me to do the 'boat pose' often [she was joking and serious at the same time].

Britten, doing the tree pose

It was really starting to feel like a scorcher as I rode home. I had thought to ride out to the Dishman's for dinner, about two hours away, but decided I didn't really want to do the two hour ride back in the dark. So, took the car and made a quick stop at Backwoods to buy a sunglasses case that has enough room inside for my folding headphones too. Tonight at Geri & Mike's seemed a bit more laid back. I got a chance to visit with them for good while before Mike went to pick up Ron just outside of Bonner Springs.

Ron had his best day of fund-raising on his Road to the Cure walk across the USA. Today, walking between Kansas City Kansas and Bonner Springs he collected $300 from well-wishers, more than double any other day on the trip. He was very pumped up by the response. I hope he continues to do well as he walks west. You can help by going to his donation site at

I think when I said goodbye to Geri & Mike that it's finally hitting me that I won't seem my family and friends for a very long time, more than 16 months. And a lot can change in that time. And at the rate things change these days, that much time is eons. I might not even recognize American by then. Funny how instead of thinking of my future time in Canada, or even Mongolia, I'm thinking of the time even farther than that, when I return home. "Home" takes on a whole new meaning when you travel far and long like some people.

Less then a week, only six days to go...