May 28, 2008

5/28/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Just couldn't sleep the other night. I was up till almost 3AM and still wide awake. So, I wrote a bit of this blog then. [smile] It's hard to put into words how the mind is working at this 'just before' adventure time. But Ben, a Peace Corps Mongolia volunteer heading out this week, wrote a great essay called Oil and Water on their website Long Songs. "Ditto" to everything he said.

Worked with my brother Tom on Tuesday doing a remodeling job in Overland Park. I think that will be the last time I get a chance to work for him before I leave. I learned a lot. And who knows, he might need me again when I get back from Mongolia. So, if anyone needs any remodeling done in KC, Tom does a great job, works harder than anyone and doesn't charge enough for everything he does.

And not sure why, but the Apple wireless keyboard I've been using with my laptop suddenly died. I can't seem to get it work but I might try and see if it works with the neighbors MacBook. I was going to buy a new wired keyboard anyway, along with a new wired mouse for Mongolia, so I guess now is OK too.

And the biggest suprise of the day was getting an email from Suzanne, aka 'Veto'. Veto and I hiked almost 800-miles of the Appalachian Trail (1998) together ten years ago. After the hike I got a chance to visit her up in her native Canada, in Collingwood. We sort of lost track of each other until I was in Malaga (2005) when she wrote to tell me she was married and had just had her first child, a girl. Funny, but we lost track of each other again until last night. Suzanne said she had a dream about me and sent me an email. She now has two children! If we end up going even close to Collingwood on our bike trip across Canada, it would be great to see her, meet her husband and the kids too. I love getting unexpected mail.

And the bike wheel arrived at Phil Wood & Co. today in San Jose, CA. Now just waiting to hear if the hub is repairable and how much it's going to cost me. So, I should have it back in time for my departure next week.

Went by the Rime Buddhist Center for tonight's meditation. Afterward, I thought I could help out with registration for the 'Basics of Buddhism' course, but it turned out to be next week. It is a 12-week course and is always very full, but it seems each time it's offered, the student numbers are increasing a lot. Afterward got to spend some time with Marisa, one of my good friends at the Rime Center. After doing some work in the gift shop, we decided to get a bite to eat at nearby Manny's Mexican Restaurant. Definitely going to miss my friends from the center.

Lama Chuck leading our meditation at the Rime Center

Not really a very productive day, but I did get a short bike ride in and a 30-minute run. But at least it looks like the rainy weather might be finally gone by tomorrow for the near future. I hope to have all my projects done by this weekend, so I can spend my last week visiting and relaxing. At least that's the plan.

Yikes, only 9 days till I hit the road!