May 25, 2008

5/25/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

We're sort of in the middle of a week of thunderstorms. At night it usually gets pretty heavy, and during the day it can be sunny and hot. But the storms just keep coming it seems. It doesn't surprise me when I hear there are more tornadoes every day. Tis life on the plains of the midwest.

So, while it rained this morning, I spent more time working on those thousand little projects that needed doing last week (or preferably last month) like fixing my winter pants. Kind of an important piece of clothing for Mongolia, don't ya' think! I still have to repair some zip-off pants and some windpants for the bike trip, along with hemming my rain pants. And I still haven't finished the laptop case. Maybe tomorrow.

By noon, the sun was out, so I decided to get out and bike a bit. At lunch I didn't order anything because I still think I was full from yesterdays party. I did finally get some sketching in. Then took off to the far side of town running errands while getting more miles in on the bike.

The weather today was blistering, a kind of baking type of day. It seems like it's always that way after a storm. I don't know if it's the moisture in the air or the lightning infused ozone, but the sun seems especially brutal at these times. There is a huge drop in temperature when you get in the shade. But in the sun, you were literally dripping wet with sweat.

And then I biked back to the opposite side of town to have dinner with Christy, one of the owners of the Acme Bicycle Company. I think my bike and bike people are one of the things I'll miss in Mongolia. I'm told it's not much of a bike-friendly nation. But we'll see. Maybe it just needs someone crazy like me there to show them how it's done. Christy was telling me all about yesterdays Alley Cat Races and the Rim Job, actually racing without tires. Wicked.

All in all, got in about 5 hours of bike riding in.

After watching the Matrix yet again, sat at the computer to catch up on my blog reading and answer emails. Got an email from Ben, who is leaving for the Peace Corps in Mongolia next week. It was great to connect with others who will be in Mongolia at the same time. I hope we can keep in touch and meet up once I get to UB. You can read more about Ben and Faye at their website Long Songs.

12 days till I leave, so close you can almost taste it!