May 19, 2008

5/19/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Found a great little program last night that I've needed for while called Typecast. Recently I bought a book called Colloquial Mongolian and it came with several CDs. I loaded them into my iTunes but that just puts them in my 'Music'. For several years, I was using an iTunes script called Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast but ever since I got the new laptop with Leopard OS, it just doesn't work any more.

When I study a language, be it Spanish, French, or Mongolian, I want to listen to the language tracks but there is no way to make that easy in iTunes because everything is dumped into 'music'. So, both programs basically trick iTunes into thinking the tracks are a podcast. Since I couldn't get Doug's Script to work, I've been searching the forums and Google to see if anyone else has found a solution or a better idea.

Well, Daniel at Red-Sweater Software has. And it's supper easy to use too. Since I had imported the tracks already to a folder on the computer, all I needed to do was give a name to the podcast and then drag-and-drop the tracks into Typecast. "Presto chango!" and it worked. Cool. And it's free.

Worked on more projects this morning. Had to redo the helmet rain cover I worked on last night. But I think the changes I made will make it fit better over my solar charger tail light. Still have to finish my laptop case, hem my rain pants, repair my winter pants and make my waterproof camera holder for my backpack shoulder straps. And not much time to finish everything.

Last year on my last day in Spain, I accidently sat on my glasses, crushing the frames but miraculously the lenses seemed unharmed. But I didn't have a spare pair with me so I spent the next five months traveling through an out-of-focus Europe. Now, I thought it would be a very good idea to have a second emergency pair for Mongolia so took the crushed frame and lenses to Eye Masters to see about getting a new frame. But a quick look, the technician said he could fix the original pair. Five minutes later they were good as new. Wow, and no charge either.

Since my touring bike is out of commission till tomorrow, I rode a bit on my single-speed MTB around town. Donna, one of my favorite waitresses, treated me to lunch today. Then I took a ride along the Indian Creek Trail. And I finally got a run in, a very short run. [laugh] I really should buy a new pair of running shoes because my shoes are old and really falling apart.

Only 19 days to go!