May 17, 2008

5/17/08 Kansas City, MO - USA

Got up at 6 'way too early' AM to get an early spot at the bike swap meet at ACME Bicycle Company this morning. Like garage sales I'd expect, I hadn't even unloaded my box of goodies before several people descended on it to see if I had any good stuff. Made $20 instantly. Yippie. I ended up making about $70 total and resisted the temptation to wander around just in case I bought something I totally didn't need.

Waiting for customers

It was a great day with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80's. But I think I wasn't used to it because I didn't feel very well after sitting under that sun for three or four hours. But I had things to do, so ended up using the car more today than I'd like.

Met Chris and Lisa down at the Rime Buddhist Center where we helped carry in a large dining room table that someone had donated. It actually went real easy even though we had to carry it up a huge flight of concrete stairs. It was good to see Chris again. Neither one of us has been at the Center much these days but when they need someone, we always are there to help. I'm glad I got a chance ot see him before I left.

After lunch at Minsky's I drove back home so I could trade the car for the bike. Today was also the Tour De Cowtown at ACME and I wanted to get there for at least the beginning of the festivities. It's more of a fun event, with food and drink, an alley cat race, and a band. Lots of younger guys with an abundance of single-speed and fixed gear bikes. Nancy was grill master while Sarah and Christi tried to think of everything to make sure the event went well. I'm definitely going to miss the girls at ACME.

Spent the last three nights watching Tin Man that I rented from the wonderful gang at SRO Video. This new film is slightly modern rendition of the Wizard of Oz seen on the SciFi Channel. Not bad, different, but long. You should check it out.