April 12, 2008

Next Canada, then Mongolia!

Yes, I will be biking across Canada this summer, then in September I will be teaching English for a year in Mongolia.

Mike, my friend and frequent bike partner, has been planning our bike trip across Canada ever since we got back from our New Zealand bike trip back in 2006. Our plan is start June 8th in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the west coast, and spend the summer biking to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the eastern seaboard. Basically our route will follow the border between Canada and the USA. Mike has several alternate routes, so I'm not exactly where we will be traveling for sure. Never fear, I will be posting my daily journal and hopefully lots of pictures.

I should be flying back home before August 28th. And then, less than two weeks later, I should be flying to Ulaanbataar Mongolia.

Through the monks at Nalanda Monastery in France, I found out a Buddhist center was looking for volunteers to teach English in the the capital city of Mongolia. Even after I sent a ton of emails full of questions, the center was still delighted that I wanted to come and help out. I am currently taking a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certification course to better prepare me for my position in Ulaanbataar. I will be in Mongolia for a year.

Below are links to some Mongolia info sites plus a few blogs:


World Fact Book: Mongolia
World Atlas: Mongolia

Shedrup Ling Center is where they teach English
Dolma Ling Community Center: Soup kitchen and clinic
FPMT Mongolia website

In order to better understand what it's like living and working in Ulaanbataar, I have been following a few blogs of Peace Corps Volunteers currently in Mongolia.


My Peace Corps Adventure: Robin has been in Mongolia since June'07 and now works at the Aimag Children Center in Ovorhoungai

Roughing it in Mongolia: Emily is a community economic development volunteer working in a RASP (Rural Agribusiness Support Program) office of Mercy Corps.

Cady and Peter in Mongolia: Peter is teaching English, and Cady works in the Business/NGO-Community in Economic Development in Darkhan

Alli and Mike in Mongolia are Peace Corps teachers in Hovsgul

Why live on the edge...jump off instead!: Kim is in her second year in Mongolia


The Mongolia Messenger: Mongolia's First English Newspaper
UB Post: Independent Weekly News in English

Mongoluls.net: A passion for Mongolia
Mongolia FAQ: about Mongolia and Mongolians

Lingua Mongolia: promotes the study of the Mongolian language
Mongolian Language: Introduction & Tutorials
The FunkyMongolian: interactive Mongolian tutor
English-to-Mongolian online dictionary