April 19, 2008

"Crossing the Desert"

Learning to let go,
see clearly, and live simply
by Robert J Wicks

Publisher Comments:
Crossing the Desert is the first book to offer a psychological perspective on the early Christian monastic movement of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. Dr. Wick's insights on the dynamics of letting go and living freely draw directly on their spiritual wisdom. He explores the ancient desert monks and nuns through a psychological lens, using their wisdom to guide readers towards humility and freedom. In the same way the desert sages never gave answers, but always asked questions, Crossing the Desert presents readers with the four desert questions that will lead them to take three steps to inner freedom.

Memorable Quotes:

There is nothing so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength.

“Reclaiming our true self requires a total transformation. It requires a long and often slow process in which we enter more and more into the truth.” Henri Nouwen

...our psychological arms are full of so much that is unnecessary and harmful to our sense of simplicity and peace.

...our challenge will be to recall the question: Am I still truly serious about seeking what will free me?

“Am I taking enough risks to fully enjoy what I already have?”

...a spirit of humble gratitude slows us down to recognize the need to pace our life differently so we can see ourselves, life, and our surroundings in a new way.

We must be willing to constantly sit on the edge of mystery and unlearn what has helped guide us in the past but is no longer useful now.

1. What am I filled with now?
2. What prevents me from letting go?
3. How do I empty myself?
4. What will satisfy me yet leave me open to more?

Every day the goal is to increase our wisdom and be more natural and free in our compassion.

A listening spirit is also important because it allows us to be open enough to be surprised by life.

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”African proverb

“When you die God will hold you responsible for all the gifts you have been given that you didn't enjoy.” The Jerusalem Talmud

“You are all perfect as you are. But you could all use a little improvement.”Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

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