March 11, 2008

"The Ivory and the Horn"

by Charles de Lint

Book Description
(Science Fiction)

In the city of Newford, when the stars and the vibes are right, you can touch magic. Mermaids sing in the murky harbor, desert spirits crowd the night, and dreams are more real than waking.Charles de Lint began his chronicles of the extraordinary city of Newford in Memory amp; Dream and the short-story collection Dreams Underfoot. In The Ivory and the Horn, this uncommonly gifted craftsman weaves a new tapestry of stark realism and fond hope, mean streets and boulevards of dreams, where you will rediscover the power of love and longing, of wishes and desires, and of the magic that hovers at the edge of everyday life.

Memorable Quotes:

“...the bottom line is I believe I can make a difference. Not a big one. What I do is just a small ripple, but I know it helps. And if enough little people like me make our little differences, one day we're going to wake up to find we really did manage to change the world.”

“If enough people think positively, take positive action, then it snowballs all of its own accord and the world can't help but get a little better.”

“My people have a word to describe the moment when all is in harmony – we call it Beauty. But Beauty can find no foothold in despair. If we mean to reclaim our Mother Earth from the ills that plague her, we must not forget our own children. We must work on many levels, walk many wheels, that lives may be spared – the lives of people, and the lives of all those other species with whom we share the world. Our contributions, no matter how small they might appear, carry and equal importance, for they will all contribute to the harmony that allows the world to walk the wheel of Beauty.”

“...hold onto your feelings of foolishness. Wisdom never comes to those who believe they have nothing left to learn.”

“Free your heart from your mind. Embrace wonder for one moment without the need to consider how that wonder came to be, without the need to justify if it be real or not.”

“The right brain belongs to the artist and its mostly a stranger because we don't call on it ver often. In the general course of our lives, we don't need to. But fey though it is, this stranger inside us is the one that keeps us sane. It's the one that imparts meaning to what we do, that allows us to see beyond the drone of the everyday.”

“What gets me is how everybody's looking to make sense of things. Sometimes you don't want sense. Sometimes, the last thing in the world you need is sense. Work a thing through till it makes sense and you lose all the possibilities.”

“It's as though we stand in the dark of the moon and anything is possible. We're hidden from the sun's light, from anything that might try to remind us that we only borrow these lives we live, we don't own them.”

“Life's like art. You have to work hard to keep in simple and still have meaning. It's so much easier just to deal with everything in how it relates to yourself. You have to really concentrate to keep an open mind, to pay attention to the broader view, to stay aware of what's going on outside your own skin.”

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