July 7, 2004

7/07/04 Deschutes River Rec Area

13 miles (2929 total)

All night, the wind seemed to be howling. It never did seem to let up. Even when I woke up, it was blowing as hard as the day before. Not a good sign.

What a great little store in Roosevelt

After stopping in at the store, we headed back out onto the road, only to be met head on by 30mph winds with gusts up to 45mph. It was demoralizing in it's intensity. Mike and I struggled to make any headway, but it was looking to be a long nightmarish day. Biggs was 40-miles away but might as well been 400. It took us an hour to go four miles. At that point, I stuck out my thumb.

Cleve and Matt were the first pickup truck to drive past and they pulled over. They were headed to California for the SuperBike (motorcycle) Championships. Originally they had planned on riding their motorcycles but decided against it because of the winds. Maybe that's why they happily loaded our bikes into the back to give us a lift 30-miles into Biggs. Our spirits definitely went up.

Road Angels Matt & Cleve

At Biggs, we got something to eat before heading the 7-miles further to the state park. Even that short distance was tough work, struggling to keep the bike going. Sometimes I felt that walking the bike might be easier.

Met Lisa and Becky with their little boy Sam as they were breaking camp. They were headed back to Portland a day early and said we could have their paid spot. Cool.

The wind is still howling and the sun is out as we rest our weary bones here at this nice park. Worried that tomorrow could be a repeat of today. If we can get past Hood River, the winds should die down a bit they say. I hope so.