July 2, 2004

7/02/04 White Goose Camp ID

70 miles (2610 total)

Lots of thunder last night but no rain. Mike and I got an early start, mainly because we're not used to another time zone (Pacific) yet.

From our campground, it's 60-miles of nothing but winding road following the Lascha River. It was a great ride down along side of a beautiful white water stream, with steep wooded peaks above us. Every turn was more amazing than the last. You could hear the roaring river sounds bouncing off the canyon walls. We saw fishermen and rafters enjoying the river too.

Lookin' at a roller-coaster ride this morning

Such beauty

One of 3 bridges across the Lascha River

At Colgate Licks, the VFW had set up a rest station where we got some good route advice from one of the guys. Later we met Steve and Mikey headed east on the TransAmerica Trail.

Even though we reached the Lascha Ranger Station around 10am, it was already getting hot and the headwinds were starting to pick up. We figured if we continued to push it, we could make it to Lowell by lunchtime.

Wow, we did 65-miles by 12:30, and that is a great day. Good thing it was downhill the whole way. After getting some lunch, we found out the resort across the river was booked for the holiday weekend. We were a little worried about not getting a camping spot at the Forest Service campground, but when we arrived, it still had several tent sites open.

We spent the afternoon talking and just laying around. For dinner, we rode back the two miles to Lowell. We decided that if every day was going to be this hot, we should always get an early start and keep the distances reasonable. We figure ten more days to Fort Clatsop.

Relaxing in camp...